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Tony O'Black
Fri Nov 8 2013, 00:00 by Tony O'Black
Views: 1417 | Comments: 2

by A J. Black

The search party finally reach the Icarus crash site, but what they find leads Moses down an unexpected rabbit hole. Meanwhile on Earth, the consequences of Moses' disappearance lead two people into a dangerous experiment...

[Airdate: NOVEMBER 8th, 2013]
Mon Nov 4 2013, 09:53 by Adam | Views: 1298 | Comments: 2

By Adam Scott

An inexplicable murder. A terrible accusation. A horrifying vision of things to come. Three years after the battle with the Dark Man, Tobias Blackwood faces a new enemy...
Tony O'Black
Fri Nov 1 2013, 10:22 by Tony O'Black
Views: 1382 | Comments: 5

by Chris Haigh

In Horizon, Renee's condition worsens while among the search party, tensions rise with the new arrivals. Meanwhile, on Earth, Renee's husband receives an unexpected visitor...

[Airdate: NOVEMBER 1st, 2013]
Tony O'Black
Thu Oct 24 2013, 23:00 by Tony O'Black
Views: 1552 | Comments: 4

by Chris Davis

In Horizon, a series of mysterious attacks on citizens leave Rawls in a difficult position as Governor. Meanwhile, on Earth, his & Adam's disappearance trigger dangerous repercussions...

[Airdate: OCTOBER 25th, 2013]
Tony O'Black
Thu Oct 17 2013, 23:00 by Tony O'Black
Views: 1716 | Comments: 8

by A J. Black

Crossing the Ringed Mountains, Hanna clashes with the group when serious danger befalls one of them. Meanwhile, on Earth, someone very close to Hanna struggles to accept her disappearance...

[Airdate: OCTOBER 18th, 2013]
Tony O'Black
Thu Oct 10 2013, 23:00 by Tony O'Black
Views: 1260 | Comments: 6

by Chris Haigh

In Horizon, as Renee meets the locals, Emie finds herself on the hunt for a sinister truth. Meanwhile, on Earth, her brother Pascal faces danger of his own...

[Airdate: OCTOBER 11th, 2013]
Thu Oct 10 2013, 22:03 by Matt Latham | Views: 1673 | Comments: 15

(Click image to view episode in .pdf format)

Aired: 10th October 2013

Written By: Anthony J. Black

Jack and Gemma find themselves in the pilot of Missing in Paradise, the smash-hit mystery show about survivors of a plane crash landing on a mysterious Island. Jack and Gemma need to set off a transmission at a nearby radio tower, but must deal with other survivors, a strange creature...and Jack becoming distracted by the odd flashback...
Tony O'Black
Thu Oct 3 2013, 23:00 by Tony O'Black
Views: 2306 | Comments: 17

by A J. Black

The journey to recover the missing Icarus crewman leads Kendrick & his group into unexpected peril. Meanwhile, in Horizon, Emie experiences an unusual 'orientation'...

[Airdate: OCTOBER 4th, 2013]
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